Brazilian pastry stuffed with canastra cheese and a side of tomato chutney

starter table

artisanal cheese selection and cold cuts, tomato pate, pickles, and bread

brazilian cheese bread

stuffed with a delicious pork ragu and topped with green apple chutney

rice cake

uffed with artisanal sausage and spices with chimichurri aioli

mushroom croquette

paris, shitake, shimeji and cured cheese

burnt eggplant croquette

slightly smoked with apricots, mint and grana Padano cheese

MAGUJE fries

French fries with Maguje sauce on the side

german sausage mix

mix of special sausages with dark mustard

BAIANA balls

fish and shrimp balls fried in palm oil, slightly spicy with  a side of pepper olive oil

goat cheese CROSTINI

with spinach and tomato chutney

surf & turf FOCACCIA

roasted pork, octopus, onions and tomatoes topped with grated eggs



toasted buns with house blend burger, cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, bacon crumbs, and chimichurri aioli. Maguje Fries on the side.

VEGAN sandwich

humus, caponata strips and barley potato chips






tossed greens, roasted tomatoes, avocado, shrimp and grilled calamari with a bittersweet cilantro dressing and house tortillas




main courses


with homemade tomato sauce and German sausages


grilled shrimp and confit onions in butter and white wine

pork ribs rice

pork with jasmine rice, almonds, and garden spices topped with creole salsa

chicken, corn, and okra

grilled organic chicken, hominy corn and fried okra

fish of the day

chickpeas puree and roasted vegetables

CHORIZO angus beef

grilled with baked onions and smashed baby potatoes, farofa and fresh chimichurri


grilled with  barley potato puree on burned butter and farofa

moroccan COUSCOUS

almonds, cranberries, red and yellow pepper, apricot, zucchini, carrots, and mint





NUTELLA crunch

buttered ciabatta bread with Nutella and vanilla custard topped with brulee sugar


70% chocolate cake with salted caramel syrup and whip cream

apple pie

vanilla custard, caramelized apples, and crumbled spices


meringue with Sicilian lemon whipcream and seasonal fruits