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Cervejaria Maguje Free spirit!

Free spirit!

Maguje tells a story about coexistence, unpretentious sophistication, and relaxation, along with great food and great drinks. It is based in an environment designed to honor gatherings, free circulation, and a memorable blend. Maguje is located between the Jockey Club Brasileiro and Jardim Botânico, with a privileged view of the Christ Redeemer, Jockey’s secret lake and the city’s most gorgeous sunset; behind the Ipanema and Leblon skyline. A place of beauty favoring many encounters: of people, of flavors, of stories.

Therezópolis Brewhouse

For beer lovers, our partnership with the award-winning brewery, Therezópolis, allows us to offer what is most special about beers. All of the different styles of the Therezópolis beer will be available, also of other breweries, as special guests, to complete our taps.

Cervejaria Maguje Therezópolis Brewhouse


Other than the styles from Therezópolis in our taps, in the main room, we have our own brewery, where we will produce the Maguje beer. With the expertise of the Therezópolis brewers, the Maguje beer will have exclusive formulas for client tastings, providing our clients with the best experience of artisanal beers.


If you are curious about how to make beer at home, this will be an unforgettable experience. Maltguje is a hands-on artisanal beer workshop directed by Therezópolis brewers. You will spend a whole day with us to learn about the world of beer and how it is produced. We will store the class’s creation and set a later date for the tasting.



Our little store where you can purchase your growler for refills of the draft beers on tap or simply take a souvenir of the world of brewery.


We aligned the sophistication of high mixology with groups of people interested in experimenting the best Rio has to offer. With drinks developed specially for Maguje, other than a twist on the classics, you can explore the world of cocktails in our different settings. We also have our brewtails (brew + cocktails) – delicious cocktails that incorporate beer.

Cervejaria Maguje Cocktails


Taste and harmony: our cuisine is inspired by Latin, Asian, local, Italian, backyard culinary. It is affective, artisanal, uncomplicated, curious, delicious, captivating. It is gastronomy for those who are free to taste new things, but also love to enjoy the culinary classics. It is comfort food, for those who understand that experimentation and memory coordinate with perfection. These are the ingredients of Maguje’s unique flavors.



You can host corporate events at Maguje, providing your client or employee a unique experience in a memorable place.

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